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      Pop-Up Display

      Making my displays out of hickory seemed like a great idea, until I had to load them into my truck.. Soo heavyy. But they look sharp!

      Will the Wooden States hold my keys?

      We embed some pretty serious magnets within our state shape key holders. A weaker magnet would save a few production dollars-- but there is something too gratifying about tossing a big wad of keys and watching it stick with ease. Click!

      A huge wad of keys on this Kentucky Wooden State

      If your keys are having trouble- we recommend using a steel keyring (not stainless steel or brass). The bigger the keyring, the better your keys will stick.

      W.S.A. >> now >> Aroh Co.

      Last July I launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Wooden States of America. Sales were 10x more than I anticipated; needless to say things took longer than planned. The company had to scramble to get these orders complete and then build a website before Christmas season. Things had to happen fast, and we never got to sit down and decided which direction the brand should go.
       Now that things are less chaotic, we have time to figure out some of these details. After much deliberation, the company will be called Aroh Co. (Aroh is my last name incase you were wondering). Originally, I wanted something a little more trendy, something like "American Goods Co." In the end, Aroh co. makes more sense >> check out the preliminary branding done by my friend Tyler Deeb.