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      2,100 Indiana Cutting Boards

      Today is great; spring is finally here and I just finished a contract to cut out 2,100 Indiana shaped cutting boards -- solid American maple glued up with 2" staves (the wood is beautiful). These cutting boards are corporate gifts for a utilities company just across the river from us in Louisville. Thankfully, I'm only responsible for the CNC work (I don't have to finish them).
      The job took almost three weeks of solid work; I kept myself occupied in the shop by listening to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy on audible (I could relate to Frodo at times with a seemingly insurmountable task set before me). But in all seriousness, looking back on a "job well done" is a very rewarding feeling. 
      In the words of Thomas Edison, "There is no substitute for hard work."
      American Maple > Bamboo
      Couldn't have managed without these helpful paws. 
      700 of 2,100.  Three loads in the F150. Yikes.

      Wedding Time!

      On December 12th I married my best friend. The wedding celebration was so much fun and I want to share a few pictures (photography by our friends Ben & Ashley // Firm Anchor)

      Also, it's worth noting -- Dec 12th is right at the peak of Christmas shopping season. Needless, to say I was stressed out... making and shipping orders the night before our wedding was not a great idea, but everything worked out in the end. And then we went to the beach for our honeymoon (after Christmas)!


      What a babe <3

      Some handsome fellers.

      On the left is my best man Brent; we grew up together: building tree forts, bass fishing, mud fights, etc.  My two brothers and college roommate Mac also pictured. 


      Probably Earth, Wind & Fire.

      Time to leave ;)

      Kickstarter complete! (1,600 wooden states later)

      W.S.A. Kickstarter

      After three months' blood, sweat and tears, 1,600 wooden states have been shipped across the USA. 

      Support from the Kickstarter campaign was incredible, and it sure does feel nice to be done! I have never made sixteen hundred of anything until now, and let me tell you, it was a LOT of work. But hard work pays off, and looking back the entire process has been very energizing. 

      I'm thankful for this season in my life, and the blessings it has brought. I'm thankful for the 933 backers who have supported and encouraged me these past few weeks. And I'm especially thankful for the help I received from my Dad (who spent 4 days in the shop sanding) and my Grandpa (who literally folded up all all of the boxes). My parents basement is probably not best suited to being a distribution warehouse, so I'll be looking for a bigger workshop soon. 

      Now it's time to carry this momentum through the holiday season and into the new year. And whats even more exciting -- I'm getting married on Dec 12!