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      Will my keys stick to the Wooden States of America?

      Key rings (like the one we include in the box) are typically made from steel and will stick well to your wooden state. The bigger the key ring, the better it will stick. Our magnets are very strong and can hold even a huge set of keys. Also use it to stash other small metal objects: pocket-knives, bobby pins, paper-clips, etc. 

      How do you mount this to a wall?

      We made a video to show you: wall mounting video.  All hardware is included.

      Can the magnets affect my electronics?

      In short: nope! The magnets will not affect key fobs, flash drives or other small electronics. Unlike computer hard-drives, these devices use flash memory. According to Bill Frank, executive director of the Compact Flash Association, "A magnet powerful enough to disturb the electrons in flash would be powerful enough to suck the iron out of your blood cells," Our magnets are not THAT strong. However use some caution --  we definitely don't recommend magnetically hanging your iPhone.

      If I purchased all the states, would they go together to make a full map?

      Well not quite- all states are scaled to approximately the same size. So Alaska is about the same size as Rhode Island. However, certain clusters of states do end up nesting together quite well (ie: Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio).