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This is the story of The Wooden States of America



Hi. My name is Ben- I do most of the woodworking and lollygagging around here. The pretty one is my wife, Christen. She's an elementary music teacher, and also my boss. We both hail from Kentucky, where we met three years ago, which is around the same time that the first wooden state was created (in the shape of Kentucky nonetheless). Cut by hand from some scrap walnut, it was created to remedy a problem I encountered nearly every day. I would leave for class, forgetting my keys. I needed an obvious and playful place to stash my keys (pocket knife, fishing hooks, paper clips, etc.). 

After graduating, I decided to put my business (and woodworking) skills to the test by creating a logo, website and a small product line. I learned so much from this "brand" and was blessed to work with some awesome people, but after a year the Wooden States seemed to rise to the top among the other products. In the fall of 2015, I decided to devote the majority of my time to the Wooden States -- and, well, here we are.

Entrepreneurship has always been a big part of my life. When I was in grade school, my dad and I would dive in a nearby golf course pond and fill up huge containers full of golf balls. I would spend time after school cleaning and organizing the balls, then on a nice Saturday I would "set up shop" on the 11th hole (it was right after the deadly water hazard). Business was booming (at least in my 7yr old mind).  Over the years, I have always sought out creative ways to make money. I'm thankful for these experiences, and I feel that each one has prompted me on this journey. 

Aside from the "business stuff" here is a little more about me. I enjoy playing soccer, bass fishing (weightless senko worm is my go-to), fly-fishing, reading books (or listening to them while working in the woodshop), rebuilding old mopeds (mostly Puch), Sunday cookouts (especially during fantasy football season). I love my wife Christen and I go to church on Sunday. That's about it; if you are ever passing through Louisville, shoot me an email and we can try to meet up for a slice of pizza.