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      What once started as a unique Christmas present is now so much more. Here at The Wooden States, we hand-craft each state in our Kentucky workshop. Every state is uniquely made in America from the hands of a Veteran. We’re thrilled to have our states catching keys in homes all across America.


      As a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and transitioning out of the military, Chris Cruise always saw an opportunity to help others. His wife Amber is from Kentucky. Together, Chris and Amber run both The Wooden States of America and Cruise Customs Flags. 


      Our mission is to employ veterans and provide a transitional place of employment.  Chris and Amber want to give back to the veteran and first responder communities so these individuals can successfully transition into a new future. Chris recalls his own struggles after his tour ended and he would like to give a form of support to his fellow veterans and first responders.